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I donít know why I havenít made this stamp before now, since I havenít seen anything like it on DA yet.

Itís for myself and all of the fellow girls/women out there who love sci-fi and arenít ashamed to display their pride. :w00t: More than once Iíve ran across someone who just cannot believe that a girl would like sci-fi. Some people think itís really cool, but a majority seem to think thereís something wrong with a girl liking Ďguyí stuff and look at you in fascination like theyíve never seen a female sci-fi fan before. Since Iím a lifelong lover/fan/buff of just about anything sci-fi related AND Iím female, it annoys me how people tend to stereotype sci-fi as being a Ďguys onlyí thing that us females shouldnít bother with liking. Instead weíre expected to like chick flicks and romance and stuff like that. Hello, weíre human too and we can like whatever we want! Iíd gladly take a sci-fi movie over a chick flick any old day!! Yes, I love the explosions, the fighting, the aliens, the robots, the cool effects, the space ships, and whatever else it might have.

I know Iím not the only one whoís been through something like this, so thatís why I made this stamp.

:mib: :stormtrooper: :yoda: :ufo: :alien: :cylon: :matrixfight:

No matter what sci-fi fandom(s) you might favor, feel free to use this or +fave it. Do not take and use it off Deviantart.

Stamp template by $liquisoft
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Submitted on
August 7, 2008
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